A Day at Königssee

Sunday, Jul 15, 2018| Tags: travel, bayern, bavaria, see, lake, alps, boat, boat, daytrip, germany

With the multitude of lakes that south Bavaria has to offer, it can sometimes be a challenge to decide on one. Located in the midst of the Alps, Königssee is one of the clearest and most beautiful lakes around and a place you will definitely not regret visiting. Whether you’re a tourist in south Germany or you’re somebody getting bored during the weekend in Munich, Königssee will surely not disappoint you.

So let’s look at what you need to know before you plan a trip to this place.

How to get there

If you're going to Königssee for a day trip from Munich, you should start quite early as it takes a while to get there. I would suggest leaving at around 7-8 am. You might want to get a Bayern ticket, especially if you're in a group, unless you have any other discounts that you want to avail.

Königssee is located near a place called Berchtesgaden. You have a few options to choose from as your travel route:
  1. From Munich Hauptbahnhof, you can take a train to Freilassing or Salzburg and then change to a train to Berchtesgaden. From there, you can take bus 841 to Königsee.
  2. Take a Flixbus directly to Königssee (This option is currently only available for Saturdays and Sundays).
  3. You can always drive! :)
Now that you're there, enjoy the view, and it gets even better.

Once you get there

Once you are there, you can buy your ticket for the boat ride. You don't want to miss the boat ride as that is the best part of the trip. If you're going in summer, I would recommend buying the full price ticket to Salet (about an hour away). The boat will pass two other stops on its way to Salet, so you can choose to buy tickets to just those stops. The stops are Kessel (about 20 minutes away) and St. Bartholomä (about half an hour away). If you buy the full price ticket, you're also allowed to get down at St. Bartholomä, spend some time, then catch the next boat to Salet. In winter, the boat goes only until St. Bartholomä. The prices for adults were as mentioned below:
Boat Tickets
RouteOne WayRound TripAvailability
Königssee > Salet10,00 €19,00 €Summer
Königssee > St. Bartholomä8,50 €15,50 €Summer & Winter
St. Bartholomä > Salet3,00 €5,00 €Summer
Königssee > Kessel6,00 €Summer & Winter
St. Bartholomä > Kessel3,00 €Summer & Winter

Keep in mind that the boat only stops at Kessel, when required by any of the passengers. So if you're planning to get down at Kessel, inform the person in charge.

It's an hour long ride until Salet, the other end of Königssee where you'll find a smaller lake called Obersee. Besides getting to enjoying the serene beauty of the landscape, your ride will be packed with lots of fun.

The boat will definitely make a stop at Salet where some people might choose to get down. We were a bit late, so we didn't get down at St. Bartholomä. The boat stood there for about 10-15 minutes, so we did click a lot of pictures! :)

The boat will then continue on its journey to Salet. From Salet it's a 10 minute walk to Obersee. In case you're hungry there's a cafe that serves great food. There are also viewing spots on the way where you can get some really cool shots. You can also hike up the hill next to Obersee in case you have time. We just spent our time by the lake, enjoying the stunning view.

Remember, the last bus from Berchtesgaden leaves at around 19:30, so you have to get back in time.


Useful Links

  1. Main website: https://www.seenschifffahrt.de/en/koenigssee/
  2. Boat Timetable: https://www.seenschifffahrt.de/en/koenigssee/timetable/timetable/
  3. Bayern Ticket: https://www.bahn.de/p/view/angebot/regio/regionale-tickets/bayern/bayernticket.shtml